Orlando córtes

My life

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My name is orlando cortés devia

I was born on february 20 of 1999 in theEspinal, in the hospital San Rafael

My house is located in the neighborhood arkabal block g house 18

My mom and my dad are the color of my life, The name of my father is Orlando Cortés Nuñez, the ocupatión is driver and,

My mother is Adalia Devia Sanchez ,She is housewife

I have a sister she is the greatest, and I am the youngest, the name of she is Diana Cortes

My pet is a dog is very spoiled and his name is"lucas"

In the food I'm not demanding and My favorite food is Chinese rice

I am a person with qualities and defects, my personality is merry, friendly and sincere

I want to study medicine in the university of Tolima in Ibagué, to save lives

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I want to study medicine to serve the community

My favorite sport is cycling but little practical

I'm a fan of Tolima sports, and support in good and bad times

My biggest fear is brave the heights that is my biggest temos is acrophobia

My family is the joy of my life

My friends are very cooperative with each other and I enjoy spending time with them

The excursion to Ibaguè was very nice and funny

In the output pool was fun because we integrate as a group

My sister is the person that value for the persevernce in the life

I wanted to travel to China to learn the culture of this country